talk to me

i cannot come up with the
magic words
that will induce you
to talk to me again…
& maybe
you should tell me to “stop”
but i am pretty sure
my heart
would turn to dust
if you did
so i keep trying
some crazy stalker chick
to get your attention
that you must know
my being ignored
only encourages me more
as i grew up
hostile silence
was actually deep
a character flaw
i really need to out grow
& totally would…
but it’s you
it’s you
& i can’t stop
i can’t
please please please
talk to me

it’s my birthday & i can obsess if i want to.
you know, if i ever did become famous…or infamous (really it could go either way with me)…if i ever did become renowned, this obsession of mine will make a great made-for-tv movie.


6 thoughts on “talk to me

  1. Your poems flow so naturally. They’re a joy to read 🙂 I pray that you have a great year ahead, and many many more, filled without those pesky crop dusters.

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    1. thank you so much!
      my precocious son is offering to build an anti-aircraft gun for our tractor. i’m thinking maybe i should model a more non-violent resolution. but it feels so good to get pissed off sometimes.

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    1. i’m not sure what being loved feels like…but i know what being ignored feels like. stupid me still gets them confused 😦 you might want to wait until fall unless you want a crash course in how to cope with 90 degree weather….

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