black hole


Author: emje

oh! i know who i am now i am sad & silly i am fierce & fantastic i am passionate & magical i am a fucking unicorn

5 thoughts on “black hole”

  1. So sorry Dawn descended on you. I dont talk to her, so didnt know. She texted her dad and told him. She should have known you dont bring Bridget anywhere. Dont know what her problem is, but glad she left you alone

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    1. bridget was fine. dawn kept picking fights with my 10 & 12 year old sons. she just showed up out of the blue and started acting like she owned the place. my kids got upset about it & acted out. she actually tried to provoke them & would yell at them. when i called her on it, she flipped out. i wanted to help her, but i couldn’t let her do that to my family & my home.


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