no fucks left to give

i think i have developed a callus
on my soul
…or is it that i have completely run out
of fucks to give?
it feels
i feel
like the calluses on my feet
the callus on my soul
allows me to run
where others must
& crawl

today, my trump supporting little sister who now lives in germany with her army husband, sent me a big box of german chocolate.
today i accepted a friend request on facebook from a fellow homesteader…and then saw a pro-trump post by him.

and i was all like. whatever.

that was it. no anger. no need for vengeance. no blinding need to light a match & burn that bridge…

weird. i still hate trump. i still want to see him impeached and all of his cronies de-throned…
i still will continue working towards equal rights for everyone and will never stop celebrating diversity.
and i have no intention of stopping my efforts towards resistance & rebellion….

still, all i could muster was a “meh.”

am i de-sensitized? numb? overwhelmed by the bad news sermons of dusty? (seriously, he can put an apocalyptic spin on anything!!)

or does the callus on my soul simply allow me to process without becoming overwhelmed, numb, and de-sensitized?


6 thoughts on “no fucks left to give

  1. Love that page. I had a discussion about the similarity of the internet (at least “good pages”) to the illustrated manuscripts of Blake and others. Yours captures that spirit exactly.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. thank you! i will have to look at William Blake’s work–I googled him & noticed that he, also, was largely unrecognized in his lifetime. 😉 me, van gogh, and blake

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  2. I think we all have developed calluses on our souls (love that description) to protect ourselves from reality and the sense of powerlessness – we want change, try our best but nothing seems to change, so its a survival mechanism.

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