too many kittens

so stray kittens keep showing up
and now misha & poppy have taken to throwing them at people
me mostly
not necessarily “throwing” so much as aggressively tossing
like they run up as i am reading a book…
or typing this blog entry
and plop a kitten
claws out
into my lap.
it it both terrifying and comical.
i tried to capture it in this journal entry…but feel as if i did not succeed.
i wanted it to be all sinister…but dammit–poppy is too fucking cute. i mean, he has always reminded me of the baby that they replaced the addams family baby with in addams family values when the baby goes from being a true addams to being a typical “cute” baby…a gerber baby if you will.


the thing is is that poppy is actually sinister–despite his disney cuteness.

when i call my light haired blue-eyed children to me, i summon them by saying, “children of the corn!”

and it’s not just because we live in the midwest.

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