fine, i quit.

i know there is absolutely no point to posting this, but i am quitting social media. since no one actually responds to my art…
and since it breaks my heart so terribly & painfully to be ignored…
i have no choice but to quit social media.

i will keep making art.

but all by my lonesome.


7 thoughts on “fine, i quit.

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  1. You think no one notices but it’s not true. I hope you understand people are here to appreciate and moreover, I really hope you keep your blog on. Don’t lose hope yet. Love and Blessings ❤ 😊 – Aishwarya Shah

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      1. Then maybe focusing those emotions or rather putting your heart out in your art, might turn out into something good in the coming time. Giving up on something which you possess, your talent, shouldn’t be so. I hope you understand. And know that I know exactly how you feel. It breaks and feels terrible but coming through it is always, always worth it.

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  2. Please don’t give up, people are horrible, I have just figured this out. I just spent money I couldn’t afford to be ignored by people who claim to be my friends. I saw your Facebook post through one of my friends and I want to see your stuff. I love art work of all kinds. I don’t know you but I would love to be your online friend.

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    1. thank you! ❤
      i'm probably going to stay off of facebook–because it just feels superficial & soul-sucking over there, but i will keep putting things up here & on twitter.
      i have met lots of cool people through this blog–i'm happy to meet you ❤


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