sometimes i just feel extra invisible…

social media sucks ass.
i mean
at least
for us super sensitive
extra damaged
sometimes i hate
so so so much
stupid tool
i feel like a stupid tool
extra invisible
everyone hates me
why do i do this


this is the third inking i have done today.
i am about to post it on facebook. in that stupid group i am in. and it will get zero “likes” as have the other two today.

my art doesn’t suck that bad.
why can’t i get a “like”….

and why do i care?

fuck a duck

i am ready to just quit facebook. a fucking social media site should not be able to cause me this kind of torment.
it’s stupid.
i know it’s stupid.
yet i am tormented.


i am going to keep doing inktober.
i am going to keep doing art.
i am going to keep practicing my ink brush painting (right now i am opening the book the photo ark to a random page and painting it.)

and! and–i am going to get back to my comics. my moses jones and all the others.

it’s been too long.

so fuck you, facebook. even if you hate my art. i love my art.

i love being an artist.

a nice fucking neurotic artist.


4 thoughts on “sometimes i just feel extra invisible…

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  1. I’m an INFP I can relate to what your saying… meditating for at least 2 hrs a day and staying away from extroverts which is pretty much everyone around me recharges me… but I’m pretty sure every introvert has a different style… I’m just sharing mine… I didn’t realize I was an introvert for along time I thought I was emotionally broken… but after someone made me take that 16 personalities test I realized my exact personality type and had a eureka moment… The issue was I thought I was an overthinker so kept trying to balance my mind but it was the other way around I was an overfeeler once I knew that I began working on feeling things out first before deciding anything… while strengthening my weaknesses… And my life began to settle down which affected my art as well… I felt the need to share my experience maybe it’ll help you in some way…

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    1. i always have known i was an introvert…but when i learned about “highly sensitive people” and then being an empath–that way my a-ha moment. i mean, i always wondered why other artists were able to strive despite damaging childhoods–then i realized i was extra damaged by being highly sensitive and not having any protection for that part of me. i have been working on learning to protect myself…very slowly!
      thank you for sharing! it is always good to hear i am not alone (even though i wish no one had to suffer through this stuff!)

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  2. I see you and your art Em. Sometimes I don’t always get a chance to check my e-mail to see the notices of your new postings, or am flying by so quickly on Facebook that I forget to like stuff. And even liking and commenting on here can be challenging if I’m not at my own computer, since I can never remember my login for this site. So I do see you, and your art, it just might be delayed. And I know you are not necessarily talking to me with this post, I just wanted you to know that.

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