spring garden

my spring garden
my spring garden keeps me from getting any art done
i am so tired by the end of every day
it feels like i never sit still
i go to do one thing,
and i do three other things on my way
they have to be done.


so my inkings are few & far between as i am overwhelmed with garden, livestock, a yard to tend, a house to keep clean-ish, four kids to feed & care for….
spring is a busy time.


now i have to focus all my art on finishing a project
i agreed to illustrate
i am excited about it. yet my sketchbook eludes me.
i think about working on it all the time
but i need to sit & actually put pen to paper.
i need to be sketching the characters ever day
to get familiar with their faces…


i also need to learn to cultivate mushrooms, grow herbs for health, become more confidant about checking my bee hives, build a bigger house for my ever expanding poultry, and learn more about goats (i’m getting goats next!)


with four kids
is just non-stop


4 thoughts on “spring garden

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    1. i have a problem. i went to pick up the baby ducks at a farm, and they had two baby nubian milk goats (so cute!) and i immediately agreed to purchase them as soon as they were old enough.
      it was my plan to milk my sheep, but i have the wrong kind of sheep. also! i want extra yard clean up. so goats come with more personality, milking ability, and are tamer and more trainable, therefore ideal for cleaning up areas of my yard that are not pastured.
      now that i have committed to them, i cannot imagine a future without them.
      i have a problem.
      i have the same reaction whenever i go anywhere selling perennials. i just can’t walk away without an armload of flower pots.
      it’s like i have a picture of what i want my life to be…and every time i find one of the puzzle pieces, i pick it up, hoping it will be the one that will complete the picture (or at least bring it into focus)
      yes. i have a problem. ❤ but at least i'm aware of it…right?n


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