a little back-up

i did many pictures on paper that is not exactly “good.”
i mean, i was just doodling.
just fucking around.
i didn’t expect that people would be actually buying these.

my cousin and friend and all around awesome person in my life requested to buy one of my INKtober creations. she was interested in ones that i actually did in my journal. i found the one she wanted, and was aghast to discover it had another one stuck to it–with ink? yikes. and the other one was another good one (not one of the crappy ones that i have made.) so i was determined to save them both. and i did. i steamed them apart and then backed them up with a heavier paper.

and i even spilled ink on some heavy paper to use as back up to make them that much more substantial. i think it worked out. i mean, they are journal pages…there’s a certain charm to that, right?

so then i decided i should back up all of the inks i have done on sketch paper. that’s what i’m doing today. i will put them up for sale for a smaller price. generally, i spend more time on the ones done on better paper. the ones done on sketch paper are often kind of goof-offs…but they often turn out so well that i wish i had done them on better paper. so here is my effort to remedy that. we will see how it goes.


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