look (don’t look)

as i let my dogs out into this unseasonable & warm january day, i started sobbing. beautiful weather sponsored by big oil. beautiful weather thanks to climate change. this same beautiful weather in the middle of illinois in the middle of winter, means droughts in other parts of the world. hurricanes & tsunamis in other parts of the world. famine & wild fires in other parts of the world. and if this beautiful weather continues here, the plants will be fooled into thinking it is spring and then a cold snap will kill them as they try to bloom. this warm january day means scorching heat in the summer…or even in the spring.

that’s what we are. we are enjoying the beautiful weather…despite the consequences. refusing to change and ignoring the consequences. the environment is just one level of the game we are playing…and losing.

i have been depressed for three days now. with reason. the world is a mess. my country is a mess. but turn on the tv & everything is okay. turn on the news and it is someone else who is suffering. not you. so, carry on.


sometimes being an empath really really really fucking sucks.
i can feel the pain in the air. the pain of this world.
i can feel it.
and it hurts.
if it hurts me, imagine how it feels to whomever, whatever is actually experiencing the pain.

and while i am getting enough sleep, i am tired to my bones.


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  1. Sad, and the powers that be don’t think we have a problem. Dawn just told me there are tornado warnings where they live and where Kayla is at school. Remember last winter this happened in south, too. Also last year was hottest on record for the whole world! But deny, deny. 

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  2. I just love your brain. You make pain look beautiful! I feel so much less alone when I get to peek at your blog…writing & drawing. Being an empath is cruel and exhausting – but it also allows for deep insight. Keep sharing xxx

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  3. It was 57 in Chicago yesterday. That’s INSANE, for the middle of January. That’s why some people thought trump was a good choice…he doesn’t believe climate change is real so he wants to stop funding any programs that will help. That’s how uneducated people roll. They just pretend their lies are truth and go on their merry way wile everyone else suffers.

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