i don’t like all of the pictures i do. i put them up whether i like them or not. but i don’t like them all. i am always surprised when someone loves one of the pictures that i hate.


i guess it just goes to show how different we all really are.


then i am equally surprised when a drawing i love & cherish gets no reaction at all. then i start digging around for approval…and am devastated if i cannot drum up the enthusiasm from others that i feel for my art.


it feels like a rejection of me.


so how come when someone embraces a picture i make that i deem ugly & unworthy, that doesn’t somehow validate the part of me that feels unlovable?

it’s a puzzle.

in case you are wondering. this is one of the ones that i love. so i will wait
for y’all to sing it’s praises….

so i can feel like i matter.

(no pressure)


5 thoughts on “yellow!

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  1. Very fun and energetic. Your pieces always remind me of wild dreams that leave you with more questions than answers in the morning. Sometimes I like to manufacture a story for a piece you have done. Other times I just enjoy the fun of looking at all the details and also the picture as a whole. Love how they flow and have a big first impression, but also so many details that I see new aspects and ideas each time I look!

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    1. thanks! i was watching doctor who (the van gogh one ❤ ) when i did the first lines of this one. so then when i went over the lines in the final stage, i remembered what was going on in doctor who while i first drew it. i love that brain/hand connection. these definitely come from a realm beyond the conscious. thank you! i love your feedback!

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