doctor who?

like any good unschooling mother
i am very busy watching doctor who
with my minions.
we are up to series five
in the middle of a binge fest
and i can’t seem to get away
to finish this drawing.

the minions are leaving tomorrow
for a week
to be with dusty in wisconsin.
i am super sad
and i don’t know what i will do without them
and i am looking forward
to resting
and reading
and drawing.
in between the missing them

so we have to watch doctor who
because i will have all the time in the world
to finish this drawing
and i don’t know how
to feel about that….


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  1. I’m a very good unschooling mama as well – luckily I like dr who!!! Who’s their favourite doctor?? We are tossing up between Matt Smith and David Tennant. I like David Tennant and the kids like Matt Smith. But both have been great. None of us really like the new serious doctor, but we watch anyway and love it 🙂 Our favourite quirky exchange when something is totally cool – one will say “hot, cold, lemonade!” and then one of the others will say “I know….” from the christmas special with Matt Smith. We are such dr who binge nerds!!! 🙂

    Ah what to do when the kids are away ….. I have felt that when I’ve gone off on my own for a while …. I miss them so terribly. But take the time for you … hard as that is. I find I only get into it when it is time to be with them again.

    Take care of you xxx

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    1. the kids like david tennant (they call matt smith “butt chin”) i am absolutely in love with the new old doctor. he reminds me of the doctor when i was a kid (tom baker) and i find him very attractive in a weird way. might be my hormones. i’m getting older–starting to like the oldies. haha.
      i am terrified/excited/very anxious about the kids being away. his sister is coming to pick them up tomorrow because he does not have a driver’s license. so at least i don’t have to see him until i go to pick them up next thursday.
      they said, “won’t you miss your helpers?” and i said–i’ll probably get more done with you gone. they thought i was being mean & i tried to explain that it is a lot of work taking care of four kids & doing everything else. i did tell them i would be bored out of my mind without them. what will i do without constant chaos?
      lots of time to work on sorting through my tornado of emotions, i suppose.


      1. lol we call him butt chin too!!!!! So similar but so far away 🙂

        But the kids think Matt Smith is more fun. I think David Tennant is pretty damn gorgeous! I laughed when you said you are getting old so you find the oldies more attractive. I think I’m in denial of getting old …. so I go for David Tennant 🙂

        I used to watch Tom Baker when I was young too. Had a huge crush on him (maybe it was because of his jelly babies and a sugar addiction? 😉 ).

        When I don’t have the kids I don’t even cook. I don’t have washing up to do or the mountain of washing 4 kids create or the tidying up …. I totally hear what you are saying – more done because there is less work! Homeschooling is NOT for everyone 🙂 Its good to have a break though … I think we need it more than most because they are with us all the time.

        I got pissed off at something the other day and I was wandering around talking to myself about how I’ve wiped bums for about 15 years of my adult life. I’ve cooked dinner almost every night for the last 25 years. Blah blah …. all I think stemming from the fact that I’ve had NO BREAK!! And then it feels like its piled on sometimes because there has been no break ……

        Ah… have fun Em.

        (btw – your post yesterday about your brother…. it was my brother’s birthday yesterday and he died nearly 10 years ago… he was my hero when I was younger. I cried for you and for me when I read what you’d written. Here’s to our brothers *hug* [wish I had something to drink right now])


  2. i buy a local beer from where he lived every year on his birthday. a christmas ale that he introduced me to one christmas when i had no where to go & he had me come to his house. he was a good person (google mike connell plane crash 2008) despite the controversy around his death. despite our political differences, he always accepted me–unlike a lot of the rest of my family.
    i’m sorry about your brother! it is difficult. i have a poem i wrote, but my word subscription expired & it wouldn’t let me copy & paste it into my blog post. and i was too tired to just write out the whole thing!

    i get pissed off when i think of all i do around here. the kids have started “roasting” me by mimicking my rants. when i told nate to piss off–i said, “you can & you DO list all of the things you do around here. i cannot list all the things i do.”

    this is the first christmas season i have gone into since his death without a ton of depression. and i am working on my anger. (what’s the word for chronically angry? depressed is more sadness–what is anger?)

    thanks for being there!


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