homesteading artist

some of y’all might not know that in addition to my doodles, i also am a mother of four children (11, 8, 5, & 3) and am working to turn five acres in rural illinois into a homestead.

so today
i woke up and took care of the dogs & chickens
washed dishes
and cleaned the kitchen
started making yogurt
and granola
and tomato sauce with the tomatoes that i gathered before the frost last week
and i made
bacon & eggs & biscuits for the minions
took care of the sheep
worked on the garden–turning soil
(oh crap i forgot to plant the cover crop…i was totally going to wait until sunset so the chickens wouldn’t think it was for them & i completely forgot)
worked on the compost heap
delegated tasks to the minions
weeded the cold frame
fixed the hoop house
looked into building a movable pasture for the sheep
found a source of hay in case the sheep run out of pasture
cleaned up the yard
covered plants that i planted this fall
dug up the last of the carrots
fed the dogs a raw diet
canned the tomato sauce
used extra sauce to revive a 3rd day of leftover chili & noodles
did more dishes
made brownies with homemade caramel and chocolate chips

then! then i got a chance to draw. and this is as far as i got before i was too pooped to go on. a good start, i think. i’m not sure what is going on here…but i am looking forward to finishing it tomorrow.

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  1. Supermom! I used to be one of those. I had four. They’re now 39, 38, 35 and 34. (I had them in pairs. LOL.)
    I love the one that looks like a monkey with a puppet on his hand. I’m really going to like this one, I think. 🙂

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  2. OMG I’m exhausted just from reading that! Wonder woman is alive and well. Truly impressed. I live in Chicago, so don’t even understand everything you said:) Pastures, sheep, canning, planting…uh, nope. I would love to pet sheep and I used to ride horses but that’s about it. You’re amazing and probably always tired…LOL

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    1. thank you. every day isn’t like that for me. there are days where i just turn on “doctor who” and hide in the basement. but when i am able to do it–i love that feeling of getting things done.


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