accordion to the bat

this is my second post of the day
but i didn’t post the past two days
so i suppose it all evens out.

this is the doodle i started.
here it is finished.
i added ink & then some ink.
a little more ink.
it’s a pretty busy picture.
some of it i like…some of it not so much.
but that is what’s cool about this art therapy…i find things
that i could use later
in a different piece.
i find things
that might become a piece of their own.
i find things
that i like to do with ink that i never did before
things i’ve never drawn before.
but also.
i sometimes find complete pictures.
the whole story.

i’m very tired.
it’s been a long journey…my life.
i’m going over a hill right now…so maybe i will get to coast a bit on the other side?
or maybe there is another hill right after this one?
i guess we will see.

yesterday fidgit asked me i had had a midlife crisis.
i said, “not yet. but maybe i haven’t reached the middle of my life yet.”
he said, “good point.”
then i told him i would wait until i was 60 to have my midlife crisis so i could live to be 120.

here is the ink stain


6 thoughts on “accordion to the bat

Add yours

    1. thank you! it works as therapy for me. i just kind of sit & look & doodle. it is one of the things that helps me stay sane ❤ by the way, once an artist always an artist 😉 i went back to producing art regularly in my 40s after neglecting it for most of my life.


      1. It’s a trigger for me. I used to oil paint, too. Loser got mad about something once and picked up my red oil paint and threw it across the room. It went everywhere. I never painted again.
        Through the years, he kept buying me paintbrushes and paints but I never even opened them.
        Assholes don’t ever accept what their abuse does to somebody, I guess. Either that, or they don’t care.


    1. thank you. i am going through a crisis right now of wanting to reach our while telling myself that no one wants to hear what i have to say. so it is good to hear from someone who doesn’t know me that you like my stuff! thank you. i love doing it. it keeps me sane-ish.


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