free storing it

so far so good with the free store…though more is coming in than going out. which is awesome that people are so generous–& hopefully it will find it’s own ebb & flow eventually.

i have discovered that i really enjoy sneak peeks into the lives of strangers via donations…must be the fiction writer in me. i also enjoy making sense of chaos. so it’s all good.
though my folding skills leave something to be desired.

maybe i’ll get a trend going here on free stores for sustainability & community.
start your free store today!

confusion perfume page 24

so i have all the originals–done on illustration board–like 16X20 or bigger? if you see one you like, i will totally sell it to you.
say, $100?
(“suicide girl” is one of my favorites that i still resort to in my head in times of distress.)

free store project

what am i doing with myself since i quit my job, i’m sure you are wondering.
well…other than trying to recover from clogged sinuses that are surely indicative of a clogged soul…
i have opened a free store!
cool, right? very abbie hoffman of me….

this is my journaling about the process in case anyone is curious or wants to try this at home.

here in viroqua, wisconsin, there is a building that is a common space, an art space. it is aptly called “the commons,” and is steered by some good hometown anarchists. i fell in love with this space when i first visited viroqua and was eager to get involved with it’s current evolution.
i asked the board if i could start a “free store” in one of the rooms. i was met with some pretty awesome enthusiasm.
the enthusiasm did not stop with attaining the room. as soon as i started advertising for donations, i was met with overwhelming generousity.

today is the first day the free store is open to the public.
i am hopeful, but i am also keeping an eye out for snags.

i will try to keep y’all updated on my latest quixotic adventure…xxoo.

i just realized this is totally a 180 from of my “nothing for free” post…but, you know, i did fire that therapist for being frivolous with my mental health…plus, like many men i know, he really didn’t listen to what i was saying.

confusion perfume page 21

aha–i had to venture out as i am working on setting up a “free store” in my new community. fortunately, the housing for the free store has wifi. so, next page, y’all….

i went to the doctor yesterday (i hesitate to go to the doctor for a number of reasons one being my nurse mother never took us to the doctor unless we lost a limb, so i always think i’m not sick enough….)
i am now on antibiotics & hopefully on the mend; however, my right ear feels like it is full of water &, trust me, it is a miserable sensation.

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